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Our team proposes a cost-effective method of gaining energy from wastewater treatment: reversing the direction of motor-driven pumps to use them as turbines.

When the pump is attached to a vertical pipe that carries water from the top to the bottom of the plant, the water turns the pumps impellers and spins the turbines and motor. This creates power exactly like a generator does.

The Pump-As-Turbine (PAT) system has various benefits. Construction is no more challenging than building a standard pump apparatus, which are available globally. This reduces cost significantly over the types of turbines currently in use. PATs can be built for various flow volumes, although the flow needs to be near constant for optimal use and efficiency.

Frankfurt's waste water treatment plant includes approximately 850 to 950 m³/h of usable water for a PAT system. About 30 kilowatts of power are produces from the falling water, which translates into about 250 megawatts per hour with the use of one of these pumps. This amount of energy can power 60 one-family homes for a day.

According to the German Renewable Energy Sources Act, the power produces from this plant in Frankfurt is channeled into the public electric system. It earns the treatment plant 0.1267 euros per kilowatt hour.

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