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The equipment and machinery we make for the sugar and food industries is crafted with the full knowledge and experience of many years in this business globally. We manufacture individual pieces as well as complete machines. Some of our products include:

  • High tech boilers that feature stirrers that ensure operations are always on target.
  • Sugar refinery equipment such as dryers and tumble sugar refrigerators that focus on efficiency and low cost operation.
  • Thin-layer precipitation evaporators with specially designed juice distributors to optimize separation and maximize efficiency.
  • Water-cooled crystallizer and heater with vertical stirring pans with hydraulic stirring arms, tumbling agitators or turning rollers.
  • Manufacture and installation of lime milk production equipment such as lime kilns for burning, lime extinguishing equipment, lime milk purification methods and transportation of limestone, anthracite from holding to raw material reservoir and also the safe and technological transportation of lime kiln exhaust, which includes carbonation gas purification.
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