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We Work for a Sustainable Future

CM Heavy Industries understands the importance of working toward positive societal change and the protection of the natural environment. We have been striving to improve the health and safety of communities and protect the environment since CM was founded in 1956.

CM adopts policies that focus on reduction of pollution in all environments, improves efficiency when it comes to natural resource usage and conservation of energy. We believe that a high standard of living coincides with a sustainable environment. In alignment with this philosophy, CM works to develop new technologies that encompass air and water pollution control, water and waste treatment systems and alternative power sources.

CM focuses on a true commitment to safety, health and protection of the environment by adopting sustainable and beneficial practices and policies.

CM Policies for Health, Safety and the Environment

CM's focus on quality health, safety and environmental practices includes:

  • Full compliance with all health and safety rules and guidelines or communities, clients and employees
  • Environmental protection research and development.
  • Our Long Term Environmental System

A better future overall is the core of CM's Environmental Management System (EMS) which includes:

  • Compliance with global environmental regulations
  • Minimization of emissions and waste
  • Regular evaluation of the EMS practices
  • Life cycle assessments (LCA) and a Design for Environment (DfE) system
  • Stricter adherence to our own environmental guidelines
  • Maximization of recycling efforts.

CM constantly strives to improve all aspects of our business with the health of the environment in mind. Not only will this earth-conscious strategy help us competitively, but will also improve living standards. We seek to stand out as an example of how environmentally-conscious a company can be.