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CM's technological advancements in mixing performance improve the quality of the compounds and reduce the time it takes to make them. We design our patented mixers to lower energy costs and improve uniformity of all production batches. Internal Intensive mixers are available from 0.4 liter volume useful in a laboratory setting to 699 liter volume suitable for large production facilities. Our mixers come in three series: rubber, conical and V-mixers. We custom build each mixer to your needs and specifications.

  • Rotor design options
  • Hydraulic of pneumatic rams
  • YH and SSA dust stop methods with optional water cooling
  • Compound or direct drives
  • Heat-treatment and hardfacing for multiple contact surfaces
  • Oil injection coupled with temperature sensors
  • Control mix duration with NMC mixer control systems.
  • A wide range of accessories including temperature controls, air valves, dust stop lube unit and hydraulic power units.
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