Repair of evaporators, dryers and modular systems

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On location engineering services offered by CM:

  • Trouble-shooting
  • Preventative maintenance training
  • Analysis of vibrations
  • Assistance with assembly and disassembly
  • On-site evaluations of equipment
  • Assessment of mechanical installation
  • Mechanical seal rebuilding
  • Measurement of clad thickness
  • Measurement of wall thickness

In-house repairs can include everything necessary to modify and maintain ASME U-stamp certification and proper operations. Our extensive balancing capabilities and large machining allow for evaluation, upgrading, modification and repair of any size evaporators.

CM alone holds documented authorization to service the following thin and wiped film evaporators in the EU:

  • Chemetron
  • Buss-SMS-Canzler
  • Roto-Vak (formerly from Blaw Knox)
  • Ajust-O-Film (formerly from Kontro)
  • Turba-Film (formerly from Cherry-Burrell, Votator and Rodney Hunt)
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